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Upgrade your immune system with critical minerals through a daily dose of this unprocessed, natural, straight from the ocean superfood.


Turn your raw sea moss into a gel and add 1-2 tablespoons a day to your smoothies, protein shakes and food. Or have it on its own!


Our purple sea moss contains powerful antioxidants called Anthocyanins, which are commonly found in blue and purple fruits or vegetables. Anthocyanins are linked to health benefits such as stronger bones, a healthier heart, and lower inflammation. Turn plumpp’s pure, wild crafted, sun-dried Sea Moss into gel for your juice or smoothie then use topically as your new skincare essential.

Purple Sea Moss

PriceFrom C$14.00
  • Support your Thyroid: Irish sea moss is incredibly rich in iodine which is an important nutrient for your thyroid. A well supported thyroid produces the crucial hormones that control your metabolism.

    Stimulate Collagen: Irish sea moss contains a compound called citrulline–arginine which synthesizes collagen to give you healthy, shiny hair and smooth skin. It has been nicknamed “vegan collagen”!

    Balance your Gut: Irish sea moss is rich in dietary fiber we can’t digest but the bacteria in our gut can. Sea moss acts as a prebiotic or food source for these beneficial gut microbes.

    Increase your Immunity: Irish sea moss is full of phytochemicals which provide an improved immune response. You'll see this in reduced mucus and inflammation.

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